How do I rent a space at Katie’s Cup?

What we’ll have you do is come down to the shop to read and sign the room rental contract, pay the room rental deposit, and you’re all set!

Do you allow outside food or catering at our event?

We allow you to bring your own food, or you can have food provided by a caterer!

Is there time included to set up for our party?

We do include a free half hour before your event to decorate, and a half hour after to clean up! If you need longer than that to decorate make sure to rent additional time ahead of your party.

How many tables do you have?

That depends on how many people you’re expecting for your event! Our tables seat 8 people, and we include two tables for food. You can also request additional tables for gifts or deserts, we have as many tables as you’ll need!

What size are your tables?

They’re 8 feet by 30 inches!