About Katie's Cup

Katie's Cup was opened in January of 2009 by ZION Development in partnership with Rockford Area Lutheran Ministries.  In the spring of 2012, the Seventh Street Coffee, Inc. not-for-profit was formed for the purpose of purchasing Katie’s Cup from ZION Development. The transaction was completed on July 2, 2012 and now operates with both volunteers and paid staff. 

Who is Katie?

Katie’s Cup is named after Katharina Luther, the wife of Martin Luther – the famous Protestant Reformer.  Martin is remembered for being at the center of the social, theological, and political changes of the Reformation. Katharina is remembered for her generous hospitality.

Our Mission

We strive to make Katie's Cup a hub for Coffee, Conversation, and Community.

Katie’s Cup is well known for being one of the greenest buildings in the Rockford area. Here are a few examples of how that works:

  • Solar panels heat nearly 50% of the buildings' water.

  • The entire 1st floor is heated and cooled geothermally.

  • The carpet is made from recycled carpet.

  • The ceramic tiles are partially made from recycled glass.

  • The wooden floors are bamboo.

Katie's Cup also features local artwork/crafts, book selections (both new and used), bulk coffee and a variety  of gifts everyone will love.

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